L’Union fait la force

Clairin Communal

The first ever blend of multiple Clairin producers

This bottling is the result of the blend of four Clairins from the municipalities of Cavaillon, Baradères, Pignon and Saint-Michel-de-l’Attalaye.

Separately, these Clairins are produced by organic sugarcane, cultivated without pesticides, fermented with natural yeasts and distilled in small pot stills.

Clairin Communal represents a historic moment: it is the first ever blend of multiple Clairin producers, creating a nuanced sum of its parts with lifted aromatics, fruit driven profile, and a balanced richness. Bottled at 43%, Clairin Communal is designed to create intriguing cocktails but can also be enjoyed in simple presentation or on its own.

The label of the four suns represents the four villages that created this blend, united by Haiti’s national motto: “L’union fait la force” (Strength through unity).

43% alc./vol. 70cl

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Production details

Cane variety: Multiple
Raw material: Pure cane juice and syrup
Location: Saint-Michel-de-l’Attalaye, Cavaillon, Baradères, Pignon

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