The first aging Clairin


In 2015, The Spirit of Haiti built a small warehouse in Port-au-Prince to age Clairin Traditionnel in casks with high integrity from producers such as Caroni, Hampden Estate, Worthy Park, Bielle, Lustau, Buffalo Trace among others.

A selection of Clairins from Sajous, Vaval, Casimir and Le Rocher were chosen to age in these barrels, further developing their already impressive aromatic profiles.

They represent a new chapter in the history of Clairin as they are among the first expressions to be aged in some of the most legendary barrels in the world.
Selected professionals are invited to taste these barrels in order to choose their favorite one for a limited edition bottling of single cask, known as Clairin Ansyen.

The labels of Clairin Ansyen feature images of the huge masks used in Carnival celebration from the village of Jacmel in the south of Haiti.