Clairin World Championship 2017

In Haiti there is no tradition of mixed drinks. Rhum agricole, which Haitians call Clairin, is drunk straight. The idea behind the Clairin World Championship, now in its second year, was to open up a new road, blending the culture and spirit of Haiti with the art and craft of international mixology.

Naturalness and essentiality. Colours and contrasts. Exuberance, vitality and joy. Invent a cocktail inspired by Haiti and you could be among those challenging each other in the European final of the Clairin World Championship.
It will be a unique event, where you will have the chance to compete against a number of great bartenders chosen by the Spirit of Haiti team. The winner will fly to Haiti, where the world championship finals will be held following a week’s tour of remote distilleries and sugar cane plantations.

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The Clairin World Championship 2017 is divided into three stages:
the international video contest, the European final in Paris and the world championship final in Haiti.

Participants are asked to create a recipe for a serving of their Clairin-based cocktail and to make a video (3 minutes running time maximum) of its preparation. In addition, the video should include a short speech, in Italian or English, where the participants explain what they have captured of the spirit of Haiti, and what working with Clairin means to them. The video must be shot at their workplace, and made with non-professional techniques using a mobile phone and webcams.

The only rule regarding the recipe is that the cocktail must contain at least 30ml of Clairin – Clairin Sajous, Clairin Vaval,  Clairin Casimir. The use of other rums is not permitted. In keeping with Haitian spirit, innovative techniques such as spherification, smoke guns and similar, are not to be used. The exact amount of every ingredient in the cocktail recipe must be expressed in cl or ml.

The recipe submitted does not necessarily have to be for the drink that will be made live during the final in Paris.

How to enter
1. Fill in the form below with the information requested (personal information and cocktail recipe)
2. Post the video on your Facebook page or that of your bar, tagging the post @ClairinTheSpiritOfHaiti and using the hashtag #ClairinWC2017
Videos must be submitted by no later than 13 March 2017. Names of the chosen finalists will be announced about a week after the closing date.

Evaluation criteria
The drink will be judged as a whole, taking into account the following factors:
– Creativeness of the name of the cocktail
– Originality
– Simplicity
– Execution
– Speech in the video
The request for a video is made solely for the purpose of having an additional means of evaluation, but priority in judging will be given to the recipe as per the factors listed above. The actual quality of the video, which as stated above must be made non-professionally, will not be judged.
The judges’ decision will be final, and therefore no communication or objections from participants will be taken into consideration.

Recipes will be evaluated according to the following three criteria:
1. number of likes obtained by the video on Facebook (personal page or that of your bar)
2. evaluation of La Maison due Whisky in house panel of judges
3. evaluation of the Velier in house panel of judges

The contestants who will take part in the Clairin World Championship European final will be chosen from the videos submitted. The event will be held at the end of March in Paris. Apart from the Clairin rums, the only material supplied by the organizers will be ice (cubes and crushed). All participants must bring their personal work material with them.

The European final will be conducted in English.

The exact date and place of the event will be announced at the time participants are notified of their selection. At the same time, they will be advised of the complete rules for the final, together with any details regarding preparation of the cocktails and evaluation criteria.

The winner of the European contest will compete in the world championship, which will be held at the Hotel Florita in Jacmel, Haiti in April 2017, and will go up against the world’s best bartenders invited to take part in the final. The final will be held after several days spent discovering Haiti, its culture and its flavours.
Details about travel and accommodation in Haiti will be supplied at the time of convocation.

Use of images and videos Spirit of Haiti reserves the right to use the recipes created for the completion in publications and marketing material. Participants who may be photographed and filmed and grant Spirit of Haiti the rights to the images and videos, agree to their use for marketing and communication purposes. The granting of such rights also applies to videos submitted for selection.

Download the complete rules.

To find out where to buy Clairin rhums, write to and our nearest area agent will get in touch with you.



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